Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Grunden Girls of Soweto and the kids

Leaders: Wire (camera lady), Madichaba, Tshepiso, Nthabiseng, Mathapelo, Steen and Mpho.

This was a day for the ladies. We played fun games, inabandy and netball for the day. We started at 11h00am-12h00pm in Moletsane sports complex. We (coaches) divided ourselves to two groups and we also divided the participants in equal two groups too.
One group would start by netball and the other with inabandy. We finished by joining the two groups for fun game of ''put a ball in the bin''.

The Grunden are not always mixed with normal people when doing activities but we did and they enjoyed. This was also a learning curve for both the challenged and the unchallenged people of Soweto.

Inabandy was a new sport for them and we had to tell them where it comes from. Of course its a Swedish floor ball game called Inabandy.

After our session, the Grundens asked us if it was possible for us to organize them a proper game with people with their same disability/challenge and help them to train properly.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Increasing knowledge in Blitz

On the 12th of june 2011 I went to Women's coaching, called stars in their eyes, held at town in Bramfontain. It was a week thing. That coaching course was conducted by Netherlands coaches and its certificate is accredited with Fifa and Safa as well.
The information to go there was told by Wire via Desiree Ellis a former national team captain,but she was not there. It was me Steen and Madichaba at that course and register there as Blitz members.
Tshepiso Masenamela

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soweto Grunden Bois played a Zola team

The first fun game.
Another fun game.
Warming up with Tshepiso before the football game.
The Soweto Grunden Football team.
Parents watching the games.

Today Blitz had games for the mentally and physically challenged people. One team was our Grunden of Soweto and the opponents were a team from Zola.

The plan was to play two sporting codes, namely football (7 vs 7)for boys and netball for girls.
The boys played a 15 minutes per half game where we (Grundens) won the game by 7-5.
But a game for girls did not happen because the Zola team did not come with them due to weather.
Since we at Blitz have an experience of making people have fun and we don't discriminate we organized a fun game where all the participants played a fun game.
They played a 3-triaangle point game. It was fun. The girls used hands (throwing) and the boys kicked the ball.
The Grundens were 12 (8 boys and 4 ladies) + 3 teacher/parents.
Zola team were 7 boys only.
All they were 19 participants and 3 teachers/Parents.
Duration of the games was 1 hour.
Both the teams requested us to continue to be part of them and help them to make and run their sports since they enjoyed time spent with us.
Blitz Academy of Sport cares for every human being whether they are disabled or orphans.

Blitz Members
Aretha 'Wire' Tshabalala, Tshepiso Masenamela and Mahlatsi.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blitz with Soweto Grunden Bois

The Grunden at school and in the field.

At 10h30am I (Wire) went to the school where the Grunden's of Soweto study and do hand work to collect them.
From the school to the field it only takes five (5) minutes.
We played fun games using handball balls from 11h00 am. They were 15 participants in all. Amongst they were 7 ladies and 8 men.
The games played for 50 minutes.
When time was up they wanted to continue to play and they wanted to play (steal the bip) that they were shown by Annika and Karl.
We played until 12h15 pm

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time to prepare next schoolprogram

The ladies were in our Women leader sports Training and they all got Certificates for finishing the training.
These ladies are from all from Soweto and they played sports. But now some can't play due to injuries and no stable leagues to participate in. Blitz has given them a chance to participate in sport again by teaching young women in Soweto that sport is the way of living positively.
They will be planning and running the school program that will run until the schools second term ends in June.
Mathapelo Mmusi-volleyball
Jane Majola- Handball
Nthabiseng Molefi-netball
Audrey Mazei-Basketball
Penelope Matlomabe-Football
Zintathu Modlankomo-football
Madichaba Moeketsi-football/Netball
Itumeleng Kau-Fun games
Mpho Maleho- Volleyball


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meeting in Entokozweni

Board meeting
Attended by Wire, Tshepiso, Jimmy and Mantombi.
The board decided that the trained ladies must start the school program as soon as the second or third week of May.

We also decided to go to schools this week (3–5 may) to give them consent forms.
Today, the 4th May, we are going to have a meeting with the ladies so that they be informed fully about the school program when they will start with it.


Friday, April 15, 2011


Hi Dad/Stefan

I would like to thank you for your support on this journey of uplifting women in Soweto. This is only a start and a journey to take . Women are a special human beings and it takes a great man to see that and you have seen it. There are things you do in life that makes you feel good even if you are not gaining any cent but makes you feel good in your Soul. "This is it for me"



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Musketeers are at it again. This time it is the training of the 20 women sport leaders in Soweto. We are training the youth leaders for our school project and our future schools leagues. We are looking at leadership, planning and presentation. youth sport. The group that we have is very interesting and interested in what we are doing. we have divided them in group and they have to work together in planning the session, presenting it and conducting the training for the group. the groups are looking at Football, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Netball and Fun Games.
Today we had presentation on the Fun Games, Netball and Basketball.

Tomorrow we are talking about injuries and finishing with the 3 remaining groups.

NB: We will resume our school program after the Easter holidays and more photos from the training will follow tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Games for elderly people

Venue : Moletsane Sport Complex
The Games are for the Elderly people in Soweto.
The Games are Organized by Tshepiso (board member of Blitz) assisted by Blitz members Wire, Stapia and Paseka.

6 groups were invited from Naledi, Naledi ext 2, Moroka, Moletsane.and Tladi, Jabilani.

Soccer 6v6
Dark walk
Passing ball
Throwing ball
Duration 2hrs.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Working with her role model

Name: Zintathu Steen
Surname: Mdlankomo
P.O.B: Dobsonville (Soweto)
Qualifications: Sports Management(Vaal University of Technology
Position at Blitz Academy of Sport: Sponsorship Management officer

Being chosen as a Sponsorship Management officer will help me learn / grow within the Sponsorship Management/Marketing and Sponsorship sector . I hope I will contribute positively to the Academy and also learn at the same time.
I'm glad and appreciate the opportunity given to me by the Blitz members.

I played football for Soweto Ladies Football Club where I had an opportunity to play in Gothia Cup (Sweden), Dana Cup (Denmark) and one cup in Norway.
I was looking upon players like Wire, Khabo Zitha as role models on a sporting facinity and now I'm working with Wire at Blitz.
I'm still in football by heart and I got injured recently on my knee.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

”I love what I do at Blitz”

My name is Madichaba Moeketsi, I stay in Moletsane 1394 Tlale str in Soweto. I'm a board member of Blitz Academy of Sports and my portfolio is Social Cohesion.
Blitz is an Organization at the same time an Academy of Sport. It has its own Motto, Aims and Objectives.
To be in a board is one big challenge for me personally and to be in the board is a learning experience. I want to learn different sporting codes since Blitz has a platform for us to learn.
I love community upliftment expecially since I live in this community I'm serving and I know what are the dangers that youth live under.
I have learnt a lot at Blitz things like how to take care of kids and how to approach the Hiv/Aids topic.
The Grudens of Soweto
I think its a good thing for Blitz members to accomodate the disable people in our Organazation. I also feel that they have a right to learn things that normal people as they do and I feel there must be more time when it comes to their training.
My goal at Blitz is I just want to see Blitz have its own sponsors, capital and be able to create jobs for people who are volunteering. I also want to thank Blitz for giving me a chance to work with Kids.
All in all I love what I do here at Blitz.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stapia in the board

I am Mpho Stapia Mokoena – 32 years old.
General Secretary of Blitz Academy of Sports.
My responsibilities are organizing meetings of the Board and other stake holders. I'm also work at the Gauteng Sports, Arts and Culture in the local Government through the education I got from Blitz.
The challenges that I get from work (sports, arts and culture) are the very same that I got from Blitz and therefore it makes the job easier.
My wish is to see Blitz going nation wide e.g Cape town, Mpumalanga or any other Province.
The Aims and Visions of Blitz are the same as mine so I am at a right place at Blitz.
Events that are at Blitz are (1) School program, (2)Soweto Football Festival, (3) Kick-off and (4) Camps for Education.
The Education that we get from Blitz we use it to tackle social ills like the Hiv/Aids stigma, kids/women abuse and Disabilities.
The best part about being part of Blitz is that each and every little thing that you contribute it is taken to consideration.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun games and football

High game.
The Blitz-leaders show how to kick the ball.
Fun games, using balls and the bodies.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kids from the schools

Team from Lumelang outside the Blitz office in Entokozweni.

Could handball be the sport of the future for these guys? Time will tell.

The school program is continuing with its third week. Here you see the school Lumelang playing basketball.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Chairperson

Hello my name is Thabiso Masilo I am the chairman of Blitz. I am 38 years old and love sport. I work for the Department of Sport and Recreation in the province of Gauteng.
I am employed as a Senior Activities Coordinator. I am fluent in Basketball, Volleyball Football, Gymnastics. JKA Karate.

In 1997 I had an opportunity to study Sport at the Gothenburg Folkhogskola in Sweden. This came about as a result of my involvement in Soweto Basketball League and I attended a course organised by the NSC (National Sport Counsel) and RF (Riksidrrttsforbundet) called South Africa sport for All.

It has been my mission since then to start an organisation that will work with development of sport in the townships of Soweto. In 2005 together with friends here and in Sweden we conceptualized Blitz as a Sport training and Development organisation.

My involvement with blitz makes me relies my hopes and dreams of taking care of kids in my community by giving the a chance to participate and contributing in uplift society.

It is also because I was given a chance by someone to get the knowledge that I have it is only proper to take it further with the hope that those that get the knowledge will pass it on

I am proud to see this organisation at its fifth years. Young People in Good Hands

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Presentation of the Blitz Board

The time has come to let the readers of this blog learn to know the eight members that were elected to the new Blitz Academy board.
We start with one of the veterans:
Tshepiso Masenamela - 28 years old
Member of Blitz Academy of Sports
Education Officer on the Blitz Board
I'm currently employed by the Department of Sport, Arts and
Recreation (provincial government. My position is sports development
At Blitz
I'm responsible for educating leaders on how to plan, conduct and introduce Blitz way of training.
Programs that we have are Soweto football festival, kick-off, school program
The Aim of this
Is to make sure that kids are educated through sports and it is ideal that
they will be using in future to teach other generation to come.
I will not have had a job if I didn't get the Swedish Sports education through Blitz. So this is the stage were I can plough back to the community.
Is to see the community at large been educated about social ills, to handle pressure, teaching about Hiv/Aids through sports and taking care of the Disabled people.
To decrease the level of illiteracy through sports and other ways of education.
To see Soweto take part in Blitz activities. Having our (Blitz) own building where kids will be leaving and learn sport.
In education we can talk to Universities to sponsor top athletes to pursue their dream of
education there.
To see Elder residence being trained and made to be active.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kids playing with balls

For this week some kids are learning volleyball. Here you see how they learn how to hold their hands when making the bagger.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy sporting kids

The third day of the school program and the kids really seem to enjoy it. Handball the sport of the day for these guys.
A shoot out is going on in the basket field.

Paseka is using the rugby ball for fun games and the kids goes extatic.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Going to play

Kids from Lumelang primary school waiting for the Rugbyto start today, Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The schoolprogram is there

Victor and Paseka had a rugby session with kids from Lumelang primary school.
Warm up at the basketball session.
Madichaba and Tshepiso lead the soccer practise.

Yesterday (Tuesday) the schoolprogram started again.
Kids and leaders were so happy with trying different sporting codes.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Goalkeeper session

The swed, Victor, leads a goalkeeping session at molatsane sport center. The goalkeepers are improving there skills and seems to really enjoy the day.

Schools invitations

All the paperwork needs to be in place. The schools have been positive and the School Program will continue.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inviting kids for the schoolprogram

Karin and Victor have today, together with Wire who is behind the camera, been in schools preparing the school program that will start next week.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Swedish visitors at Blitz Academy

Karin and Victor Öhrvall has come from Sweden to work with Wire for a month.
To help out in the office, to be inspired and inspire.
"So far its been really great, Victor says. It´s great to see the passion and the clear aim to help kids to stay of the streets and give them meaning and rolemodels through sports".
Victor is a former IF Väster-player, who is now goalkeeper and chairman in FC Fiskebäck (also in Gothenburg).
Victor has also already had some goalkeeper educations and will continue with that.
In this photo the Öhrvall-couple is outside the Blitz-office in Entokozweni.
They are right now, together with Wire, planning a women leadership project/program.
The ideas are becoming reality.
Hopefully we will see the starting camp with 20 women in April.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Board in Blitz Academy

At the yearly meeting in January a new board was elected for Blitz Academy.
They are, as seen in this photo, from left to right with their responsibilities in the board:
Front row:
Zinthathu Steen Modlankomo - Sponsorship/fund raiser
Madichaba Moeketsi - Social Cohesion
Tshepiso Masenamela - Education
Aretha Wire Tshabalala – office manager
Thabiso Masilo - Chairperson
Jimmy Mokoena - Public Relation Officer
Mantombi Siphelo - Events Organizer
Mpho Stapia Mokoena - General Secretary
The coming weeks we will present them, one by one.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A new year with Blitz Academy

Thabiso Masilo, chairman of Blitz Academy, and Kent Karlsson,
chairman of IF Väster, sign the new agreement for 2011.

Blitz Academy in Soweto and IF Väster in Gothenburg, Sweden, have been co-operating for five years.
While Blitz after six years i still a new organisation, IF Väster has experience since 1973 of taking care of kids through sports.
We started the sixth year of co-operation in January in Soweto with a course in how to run a club.
There was a mixture of new and old faces among the participants.
Among the new ones were IF Väster´s chairman Kent Karlsson and Marita Schwartz, also from Sweden, that visited South Africa for the first time.
During this year we are working for the growth of Blitz as an important player in the society of Soweto.

Blitz-member Xola Siyaya talks about the importance of talking to kids
about how to prevent themselves from getting hiv.

Jimmy Mokoena presents the work of his group.
Marita Schwartz talks about planning, aims, goals and evaluation.
Kent Karlsson talks about how IF Väster is organised.
Blitz office-manager Wire (Aretha Tshabalala) informs about how
Blitz is working now and how she hopes that Blitz will develop.

Work from another group is presented.
Concentration while working in groups.
Kent Karlsson likes the Blitz-office.
Two chairpersons: Kent Karlsson, IF Väster, and Thabiso Masilo, Blitz Academy.