Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meeting with Blitz about Sport future in Soweto

The Blitz planned Soweto Sport Time Out took place as it was planned.
We invited 30 participant and we had 15 attending the workshop. The spread of sporting codes that where represented where Football, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis.
The Agenda was as follows
1. Opening and welcome by Thabiso
2. Introductions (by All)
3. Introduction of Blitz by Wire
4. The state of Sports in Soweto
5. Refreshment break
6. Groups creations
7. Discussions about challenges in sports.
8. Closure and lunch

Groups were given a code to discuss its challenges. Basketball, football and handball.
After the discussions the group would come in front to present their sporting codes challenges.
First group football raised the following challenges:
1. Education - key to development of the coaches and players.
2.Equipment - in this day and age proper training equipment (balls) and clothing (soccer boots) so that a player can excel.
3. Nutrition - if a child does not have proper food she won't be able to concentrate.
And other groups had some kinds of challenges.
There is an agreement amongst the delegates that we need to have leagues to encourage participation and foster the spirit of working together.
The meeting requested Blitz to give feedback by organising another workshop early next year.
We are looking forward to working on the recommendations that came out of this session.

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