Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soweto Grunden Bois played a Zola team

The first fun game.
Another fun game.
Warming up with Tshepiso before the football game.
The Soweto Grunden Football team.
Parents watching the games.

Today Blitz had games for the mentally and physically challenged people. One team was our Grunden of Soweto and the opponents were a team from Zola.

The plan was to play two sporting codes, namely football (7 vs 7)for boys and netball for girls.
The boys played a 15 minutes per half game where we (Grundens) won the game by 7-5.
But a game for girls did not happen because the Zola team did not come with them due to weather.
Since we at Blitz have an experience of making people have fun and we don't discriminate we organized a fun game where all the participants played a fun game.
They played a 3-triaangle point game. It was fun. The girls used hands (throwing) and the boys kicked the ball.
The Grundens were 12 (8 boys and 4 ladies) + 3 teacher/parents.
Zola team were 7 boys only.
All they were 19 participants and 3 teachers/Parents.
Duration of the games was 1 hour.
Both the teams requested us to continue to be part of them and help them to make and run their sports since they enjoyed time spent with us.
Blitz Academy of Sport cares for every human being whether they are disabled or orphans.

Blitz Members
Aretha 'Wire' Tshabalala, Tshepiso Masenamela and Mahlatsi.

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