Thursday, September 2, 2010

Small Gothia Cup in Soweto

In 2004, after participating in the program Kick Off with IF Väster, we had the opportunity to participate in the Gothia Cup, the biggest youth tournament in the world.
This tournament inspired us to have a flagship project at Blitz Academy with the same focuse.
In 2009 we hosted the first such tournament at a small scale and we called it Soweto Football Festival (SFF).
The first tournament had 36 team registering and we used 5 sport field and had 3 days to host the tournament.
We are going to send invitations to teams for the 2nd annual SFF and we will be using the 5 football fields in Soweto around Moletsane. The teams that will participate will be 8 per division and we are planning to have 5 divisions.
We will be playing for 3 days on the 24 to the 26 of September most of the teams are the ones that participated in our first SFF.
We are confident that we will have a successful event.
Tomorrow, on Friday 3rd September, we are meeting the leaders to brief and give tasks for preparation of SFF.

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