Thursday, September 16, 2010

Strike has effected Blitz

After the succesfull World Cup other things have happened in South Africa.
There has been a strike that has made it impossible for Blitz Academy to run the school program for a while since schools in Soweto have been closed.
Mostly workers that works for the government (teachers, hospitals nurses) strikes for better pay and housing allowances. They need 8 percent for the salary increase and R1000 for housing subsidy.
During the strike kids were told not to go to schools and patients had to turn back home with less medication. That is when soldiers where posted to hospitals and clinics to attend the emergencies.
Few teachers did try to help students by forming study groups where they will revise their syllabus and continue with what is left in their studies.
The matric student had suffered more because they were supposed to write their preliminary examination to prepare for the year ending finals.
Due to the strike the government says there will be no September holidays for students so that they can recover with their studies.
The strike was suspended for 21 days and if the government don't meet the workers demands they will go further with strike again.

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