Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A new year with Blitz Academy

Thabiso Masilo, chairman of Blitz Academy, and Kent Karlsson,
chairman of IF Väster, sign the new agreement for 2011.

Blitz Academy in Soweto and IF Väster in Gothenburg, Sweden, have been co-operating for five years.
While Blitz after six years i still a new organisation, IF Väster has experience since 1973 of taking care of kids through sports.
We started the sixth year of co-operation in January in Soweto with a course in how to run a club.
There was a mixture of new and old faces among the participants.
Among the new ones were IF Väster´s chairman Kent Karlsson and Marita Schwartz, also from Sweden, that visited South Africa for the first time.
During this year we are working for the growth of Blitz as an important player in the society of Soweto.

Blitz-member Xola Siyaya talks about the importance of talking to kids
about how to prevent themselves from getting hiv.

Jimmy Mokoena presents the work of his group.
Marita Schwartz talks about planning, aims, goals and evaluation.
Kent Karlsson talks about how IF Väster is organised.
Blitz office-manager Wire (Aretha Tshabalala) informs about how
Blitz is working now and how she hopes that Blitz will develop.

Work from another group is presented.
Concentration while working in groups.
Kent Karlsson likes the Blitz-office.
Two chairpersons: Kent Karlsson, IF Väster, and Thabiso Masilo, Blitz Academy.

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