Saturday, February 26, 2011

Presentation of the Blitz Board

The time has come to let the readers of this blog learn to know the eight members that were elected to the new Blitz Academy board.
We start with one of the veterans:
Tshepiso Masenamela - 28 years old
Member of Blitz Academy of Sports
Education Officer on the Blitz Board
I'm currently employed by the Department of Sport, Arts and
Recreation (provincial government. My position is sports development
At Blitz
I'm responsible for educating leaders on how to plan, conduct and introduce Blitz way of training.
Programs that we have are Soweto football festival, kick-off, school program
The Aim of this
Is to make sure that kids are educated through sports and it is ideal that
they will be using in future to teach other generation to come.
I will not have had a job if I didn't get the Swedish Sports education through Blitz. So this is the stage were I can plough back to the community.
Is to see the community at large been educated about social ills, to handle pressure, teaching about Hiv/Aids through sports and taking care of the Disabled people.
To decrease the level of illiteracy through sports and other ways of education.
To see Soweto take part in Blitz activities. Having our (Blitz) own building where kids will be leaving and learn sport.
In education we can talk to Universities to sponsor top athletes to pursue their dream of
education there.
To see Elder residence being trained and made to be active.

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