Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Interview with another young girl

The World Cup is coming closer and closer to the final game.
Blitz Academy has been working with kids together with a hub during the World Cup and will go on with the school program when the big party is over.
Today we present another one of the participants of the school program:
Boipelo Morebane, an eight year old student in the third grade at Mochochonono Primary School in Moletsane Soweto.
”I live with my Grandma and granpa from my fathers side and my two siblings.
I sing in the school choir and its nice.
I feel that if I was belonging to a sport club it would be good for me.
I love netball and it was so nice playing it.
The coaches that trained us made us have fun during the program (everyday). Each day we have them that means fun, fun, fun. Twice in the program we talked about Hiv\Aids and we had fun doing it.
Please don't stop the program.”

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