Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stapia in the board

I am Mpho Stapia Mokoena – 32 years old.
General Secretary of Blitz Academy of Sports.
My responsibilities are organizing meetings of the Board and other stake holders. I'm also work at the Gauteng Sports, Arts and Culture in the local Government through the education I got from Blitz.
The challenges that I get from work (sports, arts and culture) are the very same that I got from Blitz and therefore it makes the job easier.
My wish is to see Blitz going nation wide e.g Cape town, Mpumalanga or any other Province.
The Aims and Visions of Blitz are the same as mine so I am at a right place at Blitz.
Events that are at Blitz are (1) School program, (2)Soweto Football Festival, (3) Kick-off and (4) Camps for Education.
The Education that we get from Blitz we use it to tackle social ills like the Hiv/Aids stigma, kids/women abuse and Disabilities.
The best part about being part of Blitz is that each and every little thing that you contribute it is taken to consideration.

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